My Business

HotHit Media is a online marketing agency that specialises on online marketing strategies with the help of Social Media to generate traffic and leads.

Basically a fancy sentence to say I put your business in front of more clients…

I’ve been doing online marketing for over 4 years and all the businesses I worked with had one thing in common, more leads.

There have been many changes in the past few years when it comes to online marketing. Social Media for instance is something that has moved from side product to center stage.

“Social” is now the focus of many businesses, and so it should.

Social is far more than just the Twitter and Facebook accounts for your business. It is a continuous conversation with your current and potential clients. It allows you to tweak and improve current products and develop new ones.

HotHit Media was set up to help small businesses establish themselves within, often, a new environment for many business owners. You don’t always need big budgets, you just need to make time and engage.

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